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3 Types Of Pests Tree Stumps Could Bring To Your Yard

When you have sickly and weak trees, you may decide to cut them down to prevent them from falling on your home or your car. But should you grind the stumps? While stump grinding means additional cost, it is one of the best things you can do for your home and trees. Left unattended, stumps could cause tripping accidents, destroy your lawn mower, and attract destructive pests. This article will highlight three types of pests stumps could invite to your yard.

1. Termite

Termites rejoice at the sight of tree stumps. They know they have found both food and shelter. Unfortunately, when the termites are done with the stumps, they will start looking for another nearby source of food, which may be the trees in your yard or even your home. Termites are the last things you want in your home. They can damage your flooring, ceiling, carpet, and furniture, forcing you to replace them. Even worse, you will incur hefty termite control costs. Do not give termites a chance to invade your home—call a stump grinding service to eliminate all the stumps that might attract them to your home.

2. Carpenter Ants

Tree stumps also offer shelter to carpenter ants. And while they do not eat wood, they can burrow holes in trees in your yard weakening their stem, which may cause them to fall during storms. Since carpenter ants do not eat wood, they will be wandering all over your yard, looking for food. If your yard has nothing for them, their next destination may be your house. Besides destroying your food, carpenter ants can burrow holes in your deck, doors, and windows, compromising their integrity. Enlisting stump grinding services is your best chance to remove stumps from your home before they start harboring carpenter ants.

3. Rodents

If you have ever dealt with a rodent infestation in your home, you know they can be a nuisance. Unfortunately, if you have stumps in your yard, you may be in for another infestation. Stumps attract mice and squirrels, which may chew your trees and disfigure them. During winter mice may get into your home for shelter and food, leading to an infestation. With mice infestation, your furniture, documents, clothes, and ceiling are at great risk of damage. Therefore, seek stump grinding services right after cutting down your trees to remove stumps that could cause a rodent infestation.

There is nothing fun about leaving stumps in your yard. They could cause accidents and attract destructive pests. Luckily, a reputable stump grinding company can help you deal with them effectively. They have advanced grinding equipment that will eliminate all the stumps in your yard for a pest-free home.

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