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Creating Usable Outside Space With A Retractable Awning

Living in an area that gets a lot of hot sun throughout the year can make it challenging to use your patio or outdoor space comfortably. The sun can be too hot to stay outside during the day, and when the temperatures drop in the evening, you often have insects to deal with. However, retractable awnings can help provide shade and rain protection, and when you add retractable screens, protection from insects.

Outdoor Awnings

Retractable awnings can be an excellent option for your home if you have a deck or patio that is in the sun most of the day. You can extend the awning when you need it, then close it up when you are not using it to protect it from the weather.

During the winter, the awning is safe inside the housing to protect it from wind, rain, or snow. When spring arrives, your retractable awning will be ready to use, and in the same condition, it was in when you closed it in the fall.

Retractable awnings can be used all year long, but most will not hold the weight of snow and ice, so if you live where they are common, you may want to limit the use to sunny days and be sure to stow the awning before any bad weather arrives. 

Opening And Closing Your Awning

Retractable awnings are available with manual and electric deployment systems that allow them to easily open and close. The electric systems often use a wireless remote control to activate the motor and have sensors built in to close the awning in high wind or if there is some other conditioning that is putting the awning at risk. 

Manual systems are also still available, but require you to go outside and manually crank the awning open before using it. Manually deployed retractable awnings lack the protection from the wind that the electric systems have on them, so it is essential that you take the time to close them when not in use.

Adding Screens

Some retractable awnings also offer screen systems as an add-on to the awning to create an outdoor room that will keep the insects out when you are sitting outside. This can be helpful in the evenings when you want to use your deck, but there are too many mosquitos or other insects in the area.

There are screen systems that must be installed after the awning is open, while others are part of the awning system and extend and retract with the cover. Talk to the awning company in your area about what is available for your home. They can inspect the property for you and give you some options that will work for your situation, then install the awning system for you.

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