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Is It Time To Replace Your Concrete Driveways?

Concrete driveways withstand extreme abuse, wear, and tear. Whether it's a residential or commercial driveway, intense temperature fluctuations wreak havoc on the surface, and you need to replace the concrete pavements as soon as you notice any damage. A weathered driveway damages your property, but overhauling it restores your curb appeal and increases your home's property value.

Indeed, concrete is a structurally solid material that suits any driveway installation project. Although it stands up well against impact and blistering elements, you must replace it, especially if repairs are no longer helpful. It is essential to know signs that warrant total concrete driveways replacement before it's too late. 

Here are some signs that signal the need to replace a concrete driveway.

Presence of Wide and Deep Cracks

Negligible cracks are a common feature of concrete-based surfaces, including your driveway. When the concrete settles and experiences intense contraction and expansion, the small cracks develop into wide and deep crevices. Sealing or refilling helps patch up smaller cracks on your concrete driveways. But if they turned into long and deep crevices, the ideal remedy is to replace part or entire driveway sections. 

It would help if you worked with a concrete contractor to determine when to repair or replace the driveway. Remember, fixing minor cracks early on enables you to avoid costly replacements and tripping hazards with your property.

Excessive Repairs

Intense temperature fluctuations in winter and summer gradually damage your concrete driveways. These freeze and thaw changes cause recurrent problems that require frequent repairs. After some time, repairs affect the driveway's appearance, and replacing it becomes the perfect solution. 

Instead of incurring expenses on unending driveway repairs, you must call concrete contractors to assess its integrity. Indeed, an aging driveway presents potholes, uneven surfaces, cracking, and pitting, among other issues. Going for a complete replacement saves you money and leaves you with a brand-new surface.

Sunken Sections

If you notice buckling and sinking on your concrete driveways, it could be a foundation or drainage problem. Essentially, your driveway is sloped to allow a smooth flow of stormwater and runoff. But incorrect grading leads to pooling and driveway foundation erosion. A concrete contractor recommends concrete lifting to resolve the problem. If such solutions don't work, replacing your driveway is a cost-effective alternative.


If you notice pitting and potholes on your concrete driveways, you must engage concrete driveway services for advice. Concrete contractors inspect the extent and depth of visible potholes before recommending a solution. If the driveway is irreparable and water has already breached the driveway foundation, a complete overhaul is the best restoration method.

Reach out to a concrete driveway service near you to learn more.

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