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Your Guide To Your Septic System

Having your septic tank pumped is one of the important maintenance tasks you have to stay on top of. There will be an expected length of time that your septic can go before it needs to be pumped. The time frame can differ because the sizes of septic tanks vary, just as the size and usage of households do. However, you need to make sure you have your septic tank pumped before it gets too full or you can end up having troubles. This short guide on septic systems will be a big help. 

How your septic tank fills

Your septic tank receives all of the wastewater that goes down the drains and toilets. The system is designed to separate and break down the solids, and there is a leach field where the liquid is discharged to and where it will be naturally filtered through the soil. However, the septic tank will eventually fill up, and this is when it needs to be pumped. The septic tank will continue to have more in it because the household will use more water than what goes into the leach field, and this eventually catches up and causes the tank to become full. Also, there are other factors that can cause the leach field to accept less, such as when the ground is damp. 

How you know the septic tank needs to be pumped

The best way to know when to have it pumped is to pay attention to the dates. However, if you aren't sure when it was last pumped or you haven't been keeping track, then things can start happening that indicate that it's time. 

The house smells bad

If you've ever driven through an area where the sewer is being worked on or where there are sewer issues going on, then you've smelled that horrible sewage smell. If you start to smell that smell inside or outside of your own home, then you know it's time to get someone to come pump your tank. 

There are changes in your lawn

If your tank needs pumping, there can be some things that are happening to the lawn that can let you know the time has come. One thing that can happen is that the lawn can be squishy or there can be puddles. You may also find that the grass is looking exceptionally healthy in areas around the leach field because it is being fertilized so well.

There is a sewage backup

A very serious thing that can happen when the situation gets worse is the sewage can come back into the home by way of the drains. This is very unhealthy and must be dealt with immediately.

If you need a septic tank pumping service, contact a contractor in your area.

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