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How to Prepare to Have Exterior Waterproofing Done on Your Home

You might have decided that you are interested in using a basement waterproofing service. After all, you might be concerned about the possibility of moisture getting into your basement or your foundation being damaged. Luckily, exterior waterproofing is an excellent choice, and there are plenty of reliable and experienced contractors out there who can help. Of course, you might want to be prepared when they arrive at your home. If this is the case, consider following these steps first.

1. Make Sure Your Home Is In Good Structural Condition

First of all, you should realize that although exterior waterproofing can help you prevent existing damage from getting worse, and although it can help with preventing damage from happening in the first place, it isn't going to help with any damage that has already been done. Therefore, you should check your foundation, your basement walls, and more to make sure that your home is in good structural condition. Then, you should have any necessary repairs done before having exterior waterproofing done on your home.

Luckily, once you have the exterior waterproofing done, you shouldn't have to worry about additional damage, so you shouldn't have to worry about paying for all of these repair costs again anytime soon.

2. Remove Items From the Perimeter of Your Home

Excavation work will need to be done around the perimeter of your home during the exterior waterproofing process, and other work will need to be done as well. Make sure that you remove decorative lawn items and other items from the area surrounding your home so that the exterior waterproofing crew can get to work right away without worrying about any obstacles.

3. Make Arrangements to Repair Your Landscaping

Unfortunately, your landscaping will probably be damaged during the exterior waterproofing process. Although this can be a downside of having this type of work done to your home, you will probably find that it's more than worth it. If you want to get your yard back in good shape after the exterior waterproofing has been done, however, you might want to go ahead and contact a local landscaping company or start stocking up on landscaping supplies so that you can do the job yourself. Then, as soon as you can do so, you can start restoring your lawn. Soon, you shouldn't be able to tell that any work was done around your home, but you can feel good in knowing that your home is well-protected, too.

For more preparation ideas, contact exterior waterproofing contractors. 

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