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Tips For AC Installation

Whether you are getting an AC installation due to an upgrade or a replacement for a unit no longer working or you are getting it for the first time, there are a few things you need to take care of before the crew arrives with your new unit. A few of the tasks involved may take a couple of days to complete, or you may need to hire professionals. However, there are also some tasks that can wait until the day of installation and won't take time or trouble at all. 

Clean or Install Ducts

Unless you are getting a ductless system, the AC will force cool air through ducts in the house. You probably have ductwork in place for your heating system. If you do not, you will need to have professionals come to install the ducts. If you do have them, you should hire professionals to come and clean everything so the new AC system can work at its highest efficiency and not push dust and dirt throughout your home.

Clear the Area for the New Unit

If your new AC unit is going to be placed outside, you need to be sure the area is clear of debris and vegetation. Even if you are simply replacing an existing unit, the area may have overgrown and need to be cleared. It is also important to make sure the new unit is not larger than what you have and make more room if it is bigger. When you use the attic or perhaps a closet to house the AC unit, that area needs to be cleared out too. In addition, make sure there is a clear path, large enough for the piece to pass, to its destination.

Make Arrangements for Pets and Children

Pets and children can get in the way of the workers and may end up getting hurt. It is always best to have a place to take them for a couple of hours while the work is being done. If the weather is nice, you could have a friend take them to the park. Of course, if there is no way you can get them out of the house and yard, be prepared to keep them occupied and completely away from the work area.

If you are unsure of anything else that needs to be done before the installation crew arrives, contact the company and ask what they expect. If you are having an existing unit replaced, be sure to ask if they will take the old one out and then haul it away. If not, make arrangements for it to be picked up.

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