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3 Things Your Roofer May Talk To You About

When you go to get a new roof, you may think that you just have to pay for new shingles and the installation, but because you only typically have to have a new roof done every 15 to 20 years, there are some other things that your roofer may recommend that you replace.

1. Seamless Gutters

Your gutters are what are responsible for directing all of the water away from your home's foundation so that it doesn't get damaged. When your gutters are broken or are falling apart, you are more likely to get some water damage or even flooding in your basement. Not only do you want to get new gutters that work, but getting seamless gutters is also something that you will want to consider getting. These gutters look a lot more custom because they are essentially custom fit to your exact roofline which makes them look really good. When you are picking out seamless gutters, you can choose them in a variety of different colors including white aluminum, cream aluminum, grey aluminum, or even black aluminum. Learn about how to handle seamless gutters in installations by reaching out to a professional

2. New Soffit

Having new soffit on your home will make it look brand new and put together. A lot of older homes had soffit that was made out of wood, which was really hard for homeowners to maintain not only due to paint chipping, but to wood rot as well. Nowadays, roofers will match the soffit to your gutters and use a similar vinyl or aluminum material. The great thing about this type of material is that you won't have to worry about any maintenance or upkeep as long as it is installed correctly the first time around. 

3. New Fascia

Your fascia is the piece of wood or vinyl that faces outward and is right at the bottom of your roof. Fascia is absolutely critical to have installed when you are a homeowner because it covers the wood underneath your roof to prevent any water damage or erosion. Similar to how your roofer will match your soffit to your seamless gutters, they will also match the fascia to it so it looks as seamless as possible. Depending on the look that you are going for, you can go with a narrow piece of fascia which is typically more affordable or a thicker piece which is usually a bit more expensive. 

To learn more about these things, reach out to a roofing specialist near you. 

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