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Important Points To Know About Spray Foam Insulation Installation

If your attic needs new insulation, consider getting spray foam. It has excellent insulating capability, and it can also plug air leaks at the same time. Plus, spray foam is easy for a contractor to install so the work goes fast. These are important points to know about spray foam insulation installation.

You'll Need To Leave Your House 

The process of spraying the foam releases gases that you need to avoid so you might be asked to leave your home for a day to allow the gas to clear out once the work is done. The contractor installing the spray foam wears protective gear, including a respirator, so they stay safe during the installation.

The Attic Needs To Be Prepped First

Decide if you'll get rid of your old insulation. If you have old fiberglass batt insulation, it may not be working very well anymore, so getting rid of it is a good idea. Ask the contractor if they also do old insulation removal. If not, you'll need to have the old insulation removed so your attic can be cleaned up before spray foam insulation begins.

The walls and floor of your attic need to be cleaned and dry. If part of your attic has water damage, the wood should be repaired before the foam is sprayed on. All plumbing, vents, and electrical work should be in good shape too since the foam is sprayed over the cables and pipes. However, the contractor will apply plastic over windows, vents, and outlets that need to be left untouched by the foam.

The Foam Is Sprayed On

Spray foam insulation installation is done with hoses and a nozzle. Chemicals from two tanks enter the hoses and then the chemicals mix together when they come out of the nozzle. The insulation sprays on as a liquid, but turns into foam fast and puffs up. Spraying has to be steady because the nozzle will clog up if work stops for even a short time.

Spray foam has to be applied the right way and to the right depth to get the best results. It's also applied so it wraps around pipes and fills in voids so there are no air leaks in the attic except for the intended ones that help with ventilation.

Spray foam is an ideal type of insulation for your attic, but it's also good for other areas of your home. You might want an energy audit done so you can find out if your exterior walls need more insulation too. Spray foam can be installed on finished or open walls as well as your attic to make your home more energy efficient.

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