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Three Ways To Keep Your Outdoor Living Space Cool

If you and your family have made a pledge to spend more time outside, a good way to work toward this goal is to build an outdoor living space. Finding a local contractor who specializes in this type of project will give you a chance to discuss some ideas that will suit your budget. One goal that you might have is to ensure that your outdoor space feels cool even on hot days, as you want to be comfortable in this environment. Having an overhead structure will help to keep the area shaded during parts of the day, but there are other things that your contractor can also do.

Light Color

Dark surfaces absorb heat and hold it. This is one of the reasons that a dark-colored car can almost be too hot to touch on a sunny day. A good way to keep your outdoor living space as cool as possible is to finish it in a light color. For example, if the contractor will be putting a wooden floor in the space, it's better for the wood to be painted a light shade instead of a dark one. Built-in seating can also be a light color, and any other decorative elements that you want in this area can also be as light as possible.

Open Design

One of the things that can help your outdoor living space to feel cool is a design that allows the breeze to blow through it. While some people might like having one or more walls that offer privacy, the issue with this structure is that it can impede the flow of air. If one of your primary concerns is to keep the space cool, you'll likely want to stay away from any walls or large structures that prevent the breeze from blowing through the area.

Overhead Fans

You're probably aware of just how much overhead fans can help an indoor space feel cool. Using one or more of these devices in your outdoor space, depending on its size, can also provide a source of comfort. Even on a hot day, the fans will move the air around to provide some relief from the temperature. There are many different fans that are suitable for outdoor use, and your contractor can recommend a specific product that will also match well with the overall look of the area. Contact a local contractor to discuss the construction of an outdoor living space.   

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