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Tips For Timing The Delivery Of Ready-Mix Concrete For Building A Patio

If you're building a patio in your backyard and you've decided to use ready-mix concrete, you'll want to understand how ready-mix works so you can time the delivery and installation of the concrete. Ready-mix is delivered in a mixing truck that keeps the concrete from getting hard, but the mix still has to be used fairly fast. Here are some tips for timing the delivery of your ready-mix concrete. 

Talk To The Concrete Company In Advance

Call the concrete company when you're in the planning stages of your patio to learn how much lead time you need to give them for your ready-mix delivery. You can get all of your questions answered so you know what to expect with the mixing truck and dumping of the mix. The company may want you to call several days in advance of your target delivery date and again the night before to confirm delivery.

The concrete company may even send someone to your property to help if you're not sure if the mixing truck can reach your patio or if you'll need the concrete pumped in. They may even help you figure out how much mix to order when you're building a patio with an irregular shape. You need to order the right amount because if you have too much, you may have difficulty getting rid of it.

Put In Your Order

Order your ready-mix according to the instructions given by the concrete company, which could be a few days in advance of when you need it. When you order, you'll need to know the amount of mix you need and the date and time you want it delivered. The mix will be made right before it's delivered to your house. Ready-mix comes ready to use. You won't have to do anything to it other than spread it out evenly in the frame as soon as it arrives.

Complete Your Patio Before The Mix Is Delivered

You don't want to be building the base of your patio when the ready-mix is delivered. Instead, get the base installed and the frame for the ready-mix built before delivery day. The only thing you need to focus on when the ready mix arrives is having it poured into the frame so you can spread it around.

This ensures you can complete your work before the mix gets too hard to work with. Plus, when you're ready to go, you won't hold up the mixing truck and cause problems for other customers waiting on their mix to be delivered. If you need ready-mix concrete, contact a company like P & L Concrete Products Inc. for help.

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