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Three Practical Features To Look For When Buying Replacement Windows For Your Home

Replacing old windows in your home protects the structure from moisture infiltration, pest damage, and heat loss during the winter. A window replacement project also offers you the opportunity to invest in more functional windows that will not only boost curb appeal, but also increase indoor comfort. Therefore, besides choosing your preferred window design, consider these three practical features for your new window replacements.

Impact Resistance

Do you live in an area that's prone to high winds and hailstorms? If so, standard windows might not hold up well to the elements. You need windows that can resist the impact of hail and flying debris. Impact-resistant or storm windows are excellent choices for storm-prone areas. They are made of sturdy materials such as aluminum and wood, with various glass options, such as tempered, tinted, or laminated glass. You can install interior or exterior storm windows, depending on your preference. 

Thermal Resistance

Windows are responsible for 25% to 30% of the heat lost and gained in a home. If your home has large windows, more heat is lost or gained through the glass and framing. This increases your household's heating and cooling demands throughout the year, causing your bills to skyrocket. Save energy by investing in thermal-resistant windows. These windows create a thermal barrier that prevents heat gain or loss in the home.

The following factors determine the thermal resistance of residential windows:

Type of window framing

Window frames can cause heat gain or loss in a home. For example, aluminum has a high thermal conductance, meaning heat passes through it easily. To maximize energy efficiency, choose materials with a lower thermal conductance, such as wood and vinyl. You can also opt for clad-wood windows with wood framing on the interior and aluminum on the exterior. The wood on the interior side of the window acts as a thermal barrier against heat exchange.

Window glazing

Single-pane window glass has a single layer of glazing that readily allows heat exchange between the home and the outdoors. Conversely, multi-pane windows have multiple layers of glazing that create a thermal barrier and prevent heat loss and gain. Choose double-pane glass for your replacement windows to maximize efficiency. The two layers of glass are sandwiched together with an air pocket between them to insulate the home from the outdoor air.

Soundproofing Properties

Do you live in a noisy neighborhood or near the street? If so, consider purchasing soundproof windows for your home. These windows have thick laminated glass and large air pockets between the glass panes. The thick material and the air pockets absorb and reflect outdoor sounds, creating a peaceful indoor environment.

Consider these tips when choosing replacement windows for your home.

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