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Reasons Why A Current Seawall Inspection Is Important For Your Home Or Estate

Does your home sit near a body of water? Perhaps you own a beach house or a building that overlooks the local lake. If water runs right up to your property line or your house is elevated in any way next to the water, you likely have a seawall in the area that is designed to keep the water away from your building or structure. It is very important as a property owner to keep an eye on this area for maintenance and repair just like you would any other area of the property. Here are some of the key reasons why you might want to contact a local provider of seawall inspection services to discuss your property today.

Maintain Structural Integrity But Also Peace of Mind for You and Your Family 

The number one reason for a seawall installation is, of course, to keep water from getting anywhere near the structural foundation of your home. If even a little water breaks through, your foundation could become compromised before you even realize what's happening. In a worst-case scenario, your house could topple or succumb to the shifting soil underneath it, causing property damage and perhaps even injury. An annual inspection will go a long way towards making sure your structure is safe and sound and that should also provide your family with some peace of mind going forward.

Be Alerted to a Rising Tide or Crest Point So You Can Build the Seawall Higher or Make Other Changes If Necessary

Even if your seawall is technically holding, an inspection may reveal if the tide is coming in and cresting at a higher point than what it was during the previous year. This may be an indication that your seawall is due for some additional reinforcements, even if it seems like it's getting the job done right now. Remember, you want your seawall to be as future-proof as possible at all times. A seawall inspection can make sure you stay ahead of a rising tide or other issues.

Maintaining a Current Inspection is Key for Insurance Purposes 

Even if you know your seawall is just fine, you may want to get a regular once per year inspection for insurance purposes. The inspection might be required when your policy is due for renewal. Beyond that, in the event that something does happen and things go sideways, your insurance provider might ask for a copy of the latest inspection. If it's clear you did not stay on top of things, this may mean you are partially responsible for the damage and your insurance firm may not payout. A regular inspection gets you the information you need for not just peace of mind, but also to keep you in the clear legally if something does go wrong. 

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