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Can You Tell It Is Time To Repair Your Boiler? 4 Tell-Tale Signs

The boiler in your home is a crucial part of the hot water supply system. When the boiler stops working, it causes you several inconveniences, especially during the cold season. Even before the appliance breaks down completely, it will cause you minor problems like hiked utility bills and discomfort in the home. Fortunately, you can pick up on some tell-tale signs that your boiler is not working and call a professional to repair it. Here are some of the indicators you shouldn't miss. 

Unusual Smells

One of the first ways you will tell that all is not well with the boiler is when the water takes on a funny smell. A foul odor coming from the boiler could indicate that you have a carbon monoxide leak. The gas does not have an unpleasant smell. However, the incomplete combustion process may lead to the creation of smelly gases. Therefore, you should check the appearance of the boiler's flame as soon as you notice strange smells coming out of the unit. If it is yellow, you have a carbon monoxide leak. 

Odd Sounds

Sounds could also indicate possible trouble with your boiler. Banging, clunking, and whirring are some of the sounds your boiler produces when it starts to malfunction. The sounds occur when a mechanical part like the pump wears down, indicating that it needs a replacement. Other sounds come from the pressure inside the boiler. For example, when the pressure is low, the boiler makes whistling and gurgling sounds. The sounds could also result from salts getting trapped in the heat exchanger, leading to kettling. 

Higher Heating Bills

A hike in the heating bills also indicates that your boiler has lost some of its efficiency. If you have noticed a significant change in the power bill, you should assess all appliances to see whether others could account for it. If none of the others can account for the change, consider getting a contractor to check your boiler. If the unit is more than a decade old, replacing it all together could be more beneficial than simple repairs. 

Water Leaks

Homeowners sometimes ignore leaks, thinking it is a regular boiler issue. However, a properly installed boiler should never leak water. Get someone to check your unit for pressure issues to minimize the possibility of a burst tank and massive water damage.

Always contract professionals for boiler repairs when you notice developing trouble with your unit. The contractors will fix the problems and restore safety and efficiency in heating and hot water supply. Contact a boiler repair service if you notice any of the issues listed above.

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