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Choosing Environmentally-Friendly Options During Kitchen Remodeling

Homeowners may want to hire a contractor for kitchen remodeling after living in an older house for many years or soon after buying one. A full kitchen renovation is often one of the more popular home improvement projects. It significantly boosts satisfaction with the room that might be considered the heart of the home. Some clients of remodeling contractors want to include features that are considered more environmentally-friendly than others.

Choosing Flooring

The customers may want to replace old linoleum or vinyl with wood or stone. If they choose wood, it could be from fast-growing trees in managed forests or reclaimed wood. Reclaimed material has been saved from its original use. A couple of examples include flooring from a building that has been demolished or weathered siding from a barn. If cabinetry will be replaced, products are available made of sustainably-sourced wood as well. The main priority is to avoid any sourced from old-growth logging.

Replacing Windows

The contractor may be able to replace small windows with larger ones. Another option would be to replace flat windows with designs extending past the home's exterior. Bow, bay, and garden windows increase the level of natural light in the kitchen when compared with flat models. If there is no additional story above the kitchen, skylights might be an option.

All of these choices help reduce electric bills connected with artificial lighting. In addition, a brighter kitchen is a more pleasant environment for meal preparation, eating, and relaxation.

Additional Energy-Saving Strategies

The homeowners may be looking for additional ways to save energy. If it's time to buy a new refrigerator, they can choose a model with the highest efficiency rating. Another strategy is to ask the contractor to install a ceiling fan to disperse warm air and create a breeze. During warm weather, that breeze keeps everyone in the kitchen feeling cooler. Now, they can set the central air temperature higher.

The layout might be modified for energy-saving purposes. Ideally, the refrigerator should not have the sun shining on it. It should not be located near the oven. Otherwise, the appliance uses more energy to stay at the right temperature.

Getting Started

Hiring a remodeling pro to build a more pleasant and functional kitchen that includes environmentally-friendly features can be a great choice for many homeowners. They can learn details about reputable contractors in the area by viewing websites. Contact information is provided so they may schedule appointments for estimates. For more information about kitchen remodeling, contact a local contractor.

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