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4 Types Of Glass Shower Doors For Your Bathroom

When it comes time to change up your bathroom, you want to think carefully about the type of shower door you put in your bathroom. Your shower door can help define and impact your space's overall feel, so you are going to want to put some thought into your glass shower door choice.

Type #1: Sliding Shower Door

If you have a shower, or even if you have a shower/tub combination, you can have a sliding glass shower door. Sliding glass shower doors are also often referred to as bypass doors. 

With this type of door, you have two or sometimes three glass pieces that move along a track. A sliding shower door is great when you don't have that much floor space in your bathroom. A sliding glass door doesn't require any additional floor space to open or close.

Type #2: Pivot Shower Door

Another option is a pivot shower door. A pivot shower door can be combined with a fixed inline panel, so you have one smaller piece of glass that doesn't move and a large piece of glass that pivots open. 

You can set up the hinges however you like. You can set up the hinges, so they swing inward to the shower, outward into your bathroom, or even set up the hinges, so they swing both ways. 

A pivot shower door is excellent if you have some floor space to work with, but your shower isn't wide enough for a sliding glass shower door. 

Type #3: Round Shower Door

If you want to put your shower in the corner of your bathroom to save space, you may want to consider round shower doors. Round shower doors can allow you to make the most out of a corner bathroom. Round shower doors allow for a rounded shower design, reducing the shower area's footprint in your bathroom, which is great for a smaller space. 

With a rounded shower door, you can set the door up so that it opens on either the right side or the left side. 

Type #4: Barrier-Free Shower

You don't need to have a door to your shower. You can also install a barrier-free shower door. With this type of door, you will have a fixed door panel that keeps the spray from your shower from getting on the bathroom floor. There will be an opening on the side opposite the showerhead for you to just walk in and out of your shower without having to operate a door. This shower design minimizes the operational footprint of your shower.

As you work to remodel your bathroom, think carefully about what type of shower door you want to have on your shower. You need to consider the size and floor space you have in your bathroom as you pick the shower door for your new bathroom. 

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