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A Couple Shingle Repair Issues To Know About

Asphalt shingles are very common in many regions because they have some features that make them good for many types of weather. Also, there are shingles that come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. Asphalt shingles are affordable, and they have a flatter look to them that a lot of homeowners prefer for their roofs. However, like any type of roof, there are things that can cause them to become damaged, and you can learn about some of those things here. By learning more, you will know what areas to keep an eye on and you will have a good chance of recognizing that something is going wrong on your roof sooner, which allows you to have repairs done before you face a major roofing disaster. Here are a couple of things that can cause damage.

The wind can cause roof damage

Although all types of roofs have designs that help them to stand up to the wind well, there are times when you can be asking a bit much of your roof if you expect it to not have any damage. One example of this would be expecting there to be no roofing damages after a serious storm like a monsoon or hurricane has gone past your area. It's common to find shingles lying in the yard or to look up and spot areas where the shingles are gone after a good storm has passed through the area. When you see anything like this, call the roofer to replace the missing shingles. This isn't a hard repair, so it can be done quickly, and you shouldn't find it to be a prohibitively expensive repair. 

The skylight can lead to leaks

The addition of a skylight in a room can be a great feature that you really like, and skylights are no stranger to homes with asphalt shingles. There are small skylights that can be placed over rooms like the kitchen or bathroom. Then, there are expansive skylights that can be a significant element of larger rooms, such as bedrooms or living rooms. No matter how small or large the skylights in your home are, they are prone to leaking. Some skylights leak due to improper insulation. Some leak due to different types of damage they incur. Some skylights leak simply due to age and regular wear. When you find that you are dealing with leaks from the skylights, you are going to want to have the roofer take care of them right away. 

To learn more, contact a roof repair contractor.

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